News from Karlstad University: “Ancestral Conviviality: How I fell in love with queer critters” by Risk Hazekamp and Nina Lykke, 22 March.

We have a pleasure to invite you all to an exciting hybrid event organised by the Centre for Gender Studies at Karlstad University, in collaboration with The Eco-and Bioart Lab and the GEXcel collegium.

Performance Lecture

by Risk Hazekamp and Nina Lykke

Ancestral Conviviality: How I fell in love with queer critters

The performance lecture takes its point of departure in an artistic-philosophic collaboration between Nina Lykke and Risk Hazekamp*), who found each other in their love of micro-organisms, especially Diatoms (a micro-algae with a unique coloured shell) and Cyanobacteria (also called green-blue algae). A warm digital exchange followed, both in words and images, in which the voices of Nina and Risk eventually merged into one shared ‘I’, contemplating co-becomings with the ‘you’ of Diatoms and Cyanobacteria. Speculative, passionate conversations shaped up between these interlocutors, investigating the precarious conditions of in-between-ness, life and death on the planet, and figuring out more-than-human pathways towards joyful, ethical co-existence with the planet body beyond anthropocene extractivism and binary separations of human and non-human bodies. The performance lecture will invite audiences to engage in these conversations.

*) See: Risk Hazekamp & Nina Lykke. 2022. Ancestral Conviviality. How I fell in love with queer critters.
Forum+ Vol 29, Issue 3, p. 30-36

Nina Lykke is Professor Emerita of Gender Studies at Linköping University, Sweden, and Adjunct Professor at Aarhus University, Denmark. She* is also a queerfemme-inist philosopher-poet and writer. For many years, she* took part in the building of Feminist Studies in Scandinavia and Europe more broadly. She* has recently co-founded international networks for Queer Death Studies and Ecocritical and Decolonial Research. She* has published numerous books and
articles, most recently the philosophic-poetic monograph Vibrant Death. A Posthuman Phenomenology of Mourning, Bloomsbury, London 2022 (

Risk Hazekamp is a Dutch interdependent visual artist, researcher, art educator, and a trans-person. Hazekamp completed the Advanced Master of Research in Art & Design at St. Lucas School of Arts Antwerp in 2020 and attended the 2020 and 2021 edition of the María Lugones Decolonial Summer School. Since 2015 Risk teaches in the Art & Research department and the minor Arts & Humanity at St. Joost School of Art & Design in Breda and Den Bosch, the Netherlands. They are now a researcher at the Biobased Research Group of CARADT (Avans University, the Netherlands), where as of April 2023, Risk will start their Professional Doctorate.

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The event is organised in collaboration with the Eco-and Bioart Lab and the GEXcel collegium.

For further information on the Eco- and Bioart Lab please follow the link:

Image: Cyanobacteria interacting with analogue photographic material © Risk Hazekamp 2021
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