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Researchers forming part of the QDS network:

Prof. Nina Lykke

Dr. Marietta Radomska

Dr. Tara Mehrabi

Dr. Annika Jonsson

Prof. Patricia MacCormack

Dr. Line Henriksen

Varpu Alasuutari

ida Hillerup Hansen

Dr. Stine W. Adrian

Dr. Magdalena Górska

Anne Bettina Pedersen

Networks and Partners:

The Eco- and Bioart Research Network (Facebook; Twitter; Instagram)

The International Network for Ecocritical and Decolonial Research

The Collective for Radical Death Studies

Breathing Matters Network

The Monster Network

Research Centres and Institutions:

The Posthumanities Hub

GEXcel International Collegium  for Advanced Transdisciplinary Gender Studies

Department of Thematic Studies – unit: Gender Studies (Linköping University)

Centre for Gender Studies at Karlstad University