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A limited number of rooms is pre-booked at Hotel Drott, see below. Please, make your reservation as soon as possible directly to the hotel by e-mail or phone. To book the room you need a credit card number with an expiration date.

Address to the pre-booked hotel:

Hotel Drott, 2 min walk from train station.

To receive the lower room rate, refer to the stated booking reference below. The offer is valid until October 3, 2019.

Reservation code: GR2978

Phone: +46 54 10 10 10

Other hotels in Karlstad:

[] Good morning hotels Karlstad
Address: Västra Torggatan 20
Phone: +46 54 17 28 30

STF Karlstad hostel
Address: Kasernhöjden 19, 653 39 Karlstad

Phone: +46 54 56 68 40


Clarion Collection Hotel Plaza

Address: Västra Torggatan 2, 652 25 Karlstad

Phone: +46 54 10 02 00



Less formal travel tips from conference organisers

If you need to travel by plane, your best destination options are: Stockholm (e.g. Arlanda airport), Gothenburg, or Oslo. All these cities are connected with Karlstad via direct train connection (you might need to get on a local train/bus connecting the airport and the city first, before boarding on a train to Karlstad). Even if you need to use means of transport operated by different train (or train + bus) companies, you can still book your tickets via Swedish Railway website SJ: .

In case you are flying to Stockholm Arlanda:

From Stockholm Arlanda you need to take Arlanda Express (a fast train that takes 18 min to Stockholm C – it is a  bit more expensive than the local commuter train SL (195 sek if booked at least 7 days before the journey) but it takes less than half of the SL journey time). Once you reach Stockholm Central you get on an SJ (Swedish Railway) train to Karlstad. We do recommend going for ‘snabbtåg’ (fast train) as it is more comfortable and a bit faster than other types (e.g. InterCity).


You can get a train ticket (for the entire journey, so including different train companies, e.g. both Arlanda Express + SJ combined) via SJ website:

Your starting point is “Arlanda C” and your destination “Karlstad C”.

It is important to note that there are 3 options of SJ train tickets: non-rebookable (the cheapest); re-bookable (usually 100 SEK more expensive – but you can exchange it for a new ticket for the same destination); refundable (much more expensive – but can be returned and refunded).

While Arlanda Express tickets can be used on any train on the date for which the ticket is issued, the SJ train ticket is valid only for the train it is bought for. Thus, sometimes it might be worth investing in a ‘re-bookable’ version.

The seat reservation is included in the ticket price and you can choose your seat yourself – for instance, you can pick a ‘quiet compartment’ seat if you prefer to work or sleep and like to avoid unnecessary noise.

Furthermore, SJ tickets on certain routes in Sweden tend to get more expensive closer to the date of the travel – and even more so on so-called ‘strategic’ days of the week (that is, Friday and Sunday – as a lot of people commute). This is also why it might be wise to book your train travel in advance.

Dates of travel:

The conference starts at 8:00 on 4th November and finishes at 17:30 on 5th November, so please keep that in mind when planning your travels.

Contact Information
For questions regarding the programme please contact:
– Tara Mehrabi,

For questions regarding registration and other practical issues please contact Conference administration at Karlstad University, +46 54 700 1806 or

An email about how to find Karlstad University and other information will be sent to you a few days before the conference.

Welcome to Karlstad!

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