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4-5 November 2019 – The First International Queer Death Studies Conference “Death Matters, Queer(ing) Mourning, Attuning to Transitionings”, at Karlstad University, Sweden. OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

28 May 2019 – “Queer Death Studies: Searching Points of Exit from Hegemonic Narratives” Seminar with Margrit Shildrick (Stockholm University, SE) and Marietta Radomska (Linköping University, SE/University of Helsinki, FI) at the University of Jyväskylä, FI.

13-16 June 2018 – “Queering Ecologies of Death” panel by Marietta Radomska (Linköping University, SE), Patricia MacCormack (Anglia Ruskin University, UK), Line Henriksen (University of Copenhagen, DK), Tara Mehrabi (University of Turku, FI), Nina Lykke (Linköping University, SE), and Margrit Shildrick (Stockholm University, SE). At SLSAeu GREEN Conference, University of Copenhagen, DK. See: programme.

30-31 May 2018 – The Third International Queer Death Studies Workshop “Death Matters: Death and Dying in a Queer Context”, Linköping University, Sweden. See: 3rd QDS workshop – call for papers and the programme. Registration deadline: 23rd May 2018.

27-28 November 2017 – The Second International Queer Death Studies Workshop: “Coming  to Terms with Death, Dying, and Mourning Differently?”, Karlstad University. See: Programme.

28-29 March 2017 – The First International Queer Death Studies Network workshop, Linköping University (programme).

23-25 November 2016 – “Queer Death: Challenging conventional ontologies, norms and images of death, dying and mourning” panel at the G16 Swedish Conference for Gender Research: Boundaries, Mobility, Mobilisation, Linköping. The official launch of the network. Participants: Annika Jonsson (Karlstad University, SE), Nina Lykke (Linköping University, SE), Line Henriksen (University of Copenhagen, DK), Marietta Radomska (Linköping University, SE), Tara Mehrabi (Linköping University, SE), Varpu Alasuutari (University of Turku, FI), Wera Grahn (Linköping University, SE), Eva Söderberg (Stockholm University, SE).

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