Call for short contributions (500-2000 words): What do we talk about when we talk about queer death? (Whatever Journal)

Whatever. A Transdisciplinary Journal of Queer Theories and Studies ( is inviting submissions for short contributions (500-2000 words) to be collected in a multi-authored article entitled “What do we talk about when we talk about queer death?”. The article will introduce the themed section Queer thanatologies (edited by A.C. Corradino, C. Dell’Aversano, R. Langhi and …

New Publication: Special issue of the journal Australian Feminist Studies focused on Queer Death Studies

We are delighted to say that the special issue of the journal Australian Feminist Studies focused on the topic of “Queer Death Studies” and co-edited by Marietta Radomska, Tara Mehrabi and Nina Lykke, has finally been published. The issue contains contributions by QDS scholars: Patricia MacCormack, Marietta Radomska, Tara Mehrabi, Stine Willum Adrian, Margrit Shildrick, Hema’ny Molina Vargas, Camila Marambio and Nina Lykke. The collection …

InterGender course “Queer Death Studies – Analyzing and Resisting Necropower”

NEWS via InterGender, Consortium and Research School in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies For this course PhD students, but also Master’s students are eligible to apply. Title of the Course: Queer Death Studies – Analyzing and Resisting Necropower The recommended accreditation is: 7,5 + 7,5 credits   Time: December 8, 2020   Location: Online   Deadline …

Seminar “Queer Death Studies: Searching Points of Exit from Hegemonic Narratives” with Professor Margrit Schildrick and Dr. Marietta Radomska (at University of Jyväskylä, FI)

Welcome to the seminar "Queer Death Studies: Searching Points of Exit from Hegemonic Narratives" with Professor Margrit Schildrick and Dr. Marietta Radomska. The seminar, held on the 28 of May (D 109) at 13-16, is organised by the Disgust Network in collaboration with Crises Redefined: Historical Continuity and Societal Change. Further details below. Seminar “Queer …

QUEERING THE HAIN – DECOLONIALIZING MOURNING: Creative and reflexive writing workshop with Camila Marambio and Nina Lykke

An exciting event in Norrköping, Sweden! On 23rd May! Don’t forget to register!

“Queering the Hain – Decolonizing Mourning”: a creative and reflexive writing workshop with Camila Marambio and Nina Lykke

The Posthumanities Hub

Creative and reflexive writing workshop with

Camila Marambio, Monash University, Australia

Nina Lykke, Linköping University


An invitation to gather and ask the unthinkable

May 23, 2019, 10-15

Venue:   Linköping University: Campus Norrköping.

Building: Kopparhammaren, Norra Grytgatan, Entrance 10A, Floor 2, room KO22.

Registration:  Please register with name, address/affiliation and e-mail, at the latest May 20, to  (max 20 participants)

Cementerio grupo


Through creative writing, listening exercises, and sharing of reflections, the workshop will question the Hain and other similar ceremonies, as they are understood through the anthropological material that represents them.

The workshop will take as a point of departure an introduction to the Hain, as it appears in the anthropological/ethnological literature, then move through stories told by descendants of those performing the last Hain in the early 20th century, and to the implied layers of “lostness” and the task of translation and decolonializing.

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CFP: Dying at the Margins: A critical exploration of Material-Discursive Perspectives to Death and Dying

Organizers: Natashe Lemos Dekker (University of Amsterdam and Leiden University Medical Center) and Jesse D Peterson (KTH Royal Institute of Technology) Place: Environmental Humanities Laboratory, Division of History of Science, Technology, and Environment, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden Dates: September 26-27, 2019 Description Death is often assumed to arrive when heart and lungs stop. Yet, sometimes the borders between life …